Formtool – #1 Best Selling Forms Software! Professional forms for every business need.

Whether you design a form from scratch, or use one of over 800 included templates, you can be creating forms in no time at all. With drag-and-drop technology from start-to-finish, Formtool is without a doubt the easiest way to create a professional-looking form. It’s difficult to match Formtool’s design, editing, routing, and filling capabilities. And nothing beats the power and enhanced compatibility of Formtool’s relational database.

When it comes to creating and using electronic forms, the choice is clear — Formtool is the most complete electronic forms solution.

Over 800 Forms

Includes 800+ professionally designed forms easily customizable to your needs. Accommodate any business, any department, any process!

Custom Designs

Design your own forms exactly the way you want. Just drag and drop lines, check boxes, even entire tables or fields from your favorite database.

Email Forms

All the information that’s filled in and returned via email can easily be imported back into Formtool’s relational database — even to users without Formtool!

Database Support

Easily build a connection with popular databases and save your form data in MS Access, ACT, Excel, SQL, Oracle, and more.